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        Indie starlet Kacie Marie is best known for her vintage pin-up modeling. The photographs, described as classic yet sexually charged, grace the covers of books and magazines sold internationally. Her limited edition signed prints are distributed worldwide through renowned photographers. While modeling has led Kacie to star in feature films, her creativity extends far beyond the camera's lens.

        Kacie Marie has been making waves with her self proclaimed genre Psychedelic Doo-Wop. Putting out her first independent EP - Girls From Mars, Kacie turned the title track into a well known green babely martian that sings sultry songs of her heartaches and gazes longingly upon the stars. As her music journey continues she shape-shifts into the release of her next album, Silver Planet, this September. Each of Kacie Marie’s songs unfold with sound, color, and motion, resonating through the vivid cinema she creates to accompany them. The art she produces is not meant to be a pop sensation, but rather a multi-dimensional experience for all of the senses.

        Kacie is known as being a classic artist, at times quite risqué, but never giving it all away. Her music is a tease of the siren-like, femme fatale elements that she is looking to unleash unto the contemporary world of music.


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