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        Indie starlet Kacie Marie is best known for her vintage pin-up modeling. The photographs, described as classic yet sexually charged, grace the covers of books and magazines sold internationally. Her limited edition signed prints are distributed worldwide through renowned photographers. While modeling has led Kacie to star in feature films, her creativity extends far beyond the camera's lens.

        Kacie began playing in an electronic rockabilly band known as Drop the Lime Live back in 2011. After touring and playing many of the best venues from New York to Australia, she branched out to further pursue her solo career. In preparation for her first full length album, Kacie has published the EP 'Girls From Mars.'

        Girls From Mars is a mating of 60's girl group ‘The Shangri-las’ and the blockbuster film ‘Blade Runner.’ Adding a touch of sci-fi atmosphere, the EP features emotionally and beat driven music with a sensual twist. The full length album will lend most of its influence to a new genre that Kacie hopes to pave the way for – psychedelic doo-wop.

            Kacie is known as being a classic artist, at times quite risqué, but never giving it all away. Her music is a testimony to exactly that. Girls From Mars is a tease of the siren-like, femme fatale elements that Kacie is looking to unleash unto the contemporary world of music.



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New Video for NOFACE Records,

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CoverGirl for Pinup Alternative Magazine!

'Special Saucy issue' with a full layout and interview! Photographs by madeineighty and Corwin Prescott 

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CBS Man Cave Daily Podcast, Part 2!

Dancing Fool 2: Electric Boogaloo 

Happy to Be featured on CBS's Man Cave Daily podcast~ talks of Dancing, Giggling, and moonshine~ Part 1! 

Man Cast Weekly: Dance, You Fool! (Pt. 1) 

CBS's Man Cave Daily had me on their podcast!

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It was a blast being a judge for the film festival, Painted Lips & Lolly Licks! Thank you Mayfair Theatre for having me and congrats to all that showed his or her films! 

Kacie Marie on

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A fun interview with Man Cave Daily for Valentine's Day!

Feb 7th I'll be playing with a Live Band at Bowery Electric!

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'Girls From Mars' on the Winter Showcase 2014

track #1

Title Track 'Girls From Mars' has been selected to be featured in TuneCore's Winter Showcase! The compilation can be downloaded for FREE on Amazon HERE! (or click the image above)

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New site launch

Welcome friends fans and foes. With the launch of my EP, I decided to revamp misskaciemarie.com. Enjoy exploring and stay tuned for news and updates. 


Thank you Ryan Michael Kelly for your beautiful and innovative photography. All of the website and album art was shot by Ryan! See more of his work at www.ryanmichaelkelly.com



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